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 These 2 books are the ultimate weapon to lose body fat and build muscle on a plant-based diet. The perfect combo to get the most out of your body
— Laura (verified)
 By reading these 2 books i have the foundation and knowledge what i have to do to lose weight and build lean muscle. It is explained easily and the graphics help to understand how our body is working.
— Jacob (verified)
 The meal plans in both books are simply insane. I wasn't aware of the variety of vegan food, although I have been vegan for 2 years. When you know what you can eat and how varied nutrition can be, it is also understandable that a vegan diet can be so simple.
— Larissa (verified)
 I bought the bundle with my boyfriend. The PlantShred is for me and the PlantGains is for my boyfriend.

The best you can do to reach your goals on a plant-based diet and for the price you really get an elementary knowledge. Great job, Stefan!
— Emma (verified)

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